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Birds Names List In English And Urdu With Pictures

Curious about bird names in English and Urdu? Look no further! Our concise guide unveils the Birds Names List In English And Urdu. Dive into this linguistic journey, where we bridge language and nature, and discover the avian world’s unique charm. Join us as we explore the names, meanings, and cultural significance of these feathered wonders. Let’s begin our flight into this fascinating realm!

Birds Names List In English And Urdu

Bird Name Urdu Hindi
1 Sparrow چڑیا Chirya
2 Eagle عقاب Uqaab
3 Pigeon کبوتر Kabootar
4 Peacock مور Mor
5 Robin روبن Robin
6 Hawk باز Baaz
7 Crow کوا Kawa
8 Swan ہنس Hans
9 Parrot طوطا Tota
10 Owl الو Ullu
11 Flamingo فلیمنگو Flamingo
12 Woodpecker ہدہد Hud Hud
13 Heron بگلا Bagla
14 Toucan ٹوکین Toucan
15 Kingfisher ماہی خور پکشی Mahi Khore Pakshi
16 Pelican ہواسیل Hawa sail
17 Sparrowhawk باشا Basha
18 Finch اٹکس Atax
19 Seagull سمندری بگلا Samandri Bagla
20 Falcon شاہین Shaheen

Bird Name Urdu Hindi
21 Ostrich شوترمرغ Shuturmurg
22 Emu ایمو Emu
23 Vulture گدھ Gidh
24 Albatross البٹروس Albatross
25 Cormorant شاہ توت Shah Toot
26 Swift تیز پرندہ Tez Parinda
27 Stork لومڑی Lomri
28 Swallow اوڑی Ori
29 Blue Jay نیلا جے Neela Jay
30 Blackbird کالا پرندہ Kala Parinda
31 Magpie پیچھواڑا Pichhwara
32 Pelican پیلیکن Pelican
33 Kestrel پروین Parween
34 Quail بٹیر Bateer
35 Cuckoo کوکو Kuku
36 Hornbill سینگ پنچھی Singh Panchhi
37 Myna مینا Myna
38 Nightingale بلبل Bulbul
39 Vulture گدھ Gidh
40 Red-winged Blackbird سرخ پر کالا پرندہ Surkh Par Kala Parinda

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