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Learn 109 English Vocabulary Words And Stop Saying Very

109 English Vocabulary Words And Stop Saying Very

These English vocabulary words will help you to get rid of “Very” repetition. These 109 English vocabulary words are used as the alternative of “Very”. The adverb “very” is used to enhance and emphasize the meaning of an adjective and verb. Repetition of very does not sound good in English.

How These English Vocabulary Words Will Help

Wanna get rid of this “very” repetition? Stick around! This blog will help you to learn some new English vocabulary words to be used instead of very.

Stop Saying Very

Very Quiet بہت خاموش Hushed
Very Rich بہت امیر Wealthy
Very Sad بہت افسردہ Sorrowful
Very Scared بہت ڈرا ہوا Petrified
Very Serious بہت سنجیدہ Grave
Very Sharp بہت تیز Keen
Very Shiny بہت چمکدار Gleaming
Very Short بہت مختصر Brief
Very Competitive بہت مقابلے والا Cutthroat
Very Confused بہت  الجھا ہوا Perplexed
Very Cute بہت پیارا Adorable
Very Crowded بہت پرہجوم Bustling
Very Depressed بہت افسردہ Despondent
Very Deep بہت گہرا Profound
Very Detailed بہت تفصیلی Meticulous
Very Different بہت مختلف Disparate
Very Excited بہت پرجوش Thrilled
Very Empty بہت خالی Desolate
Very Easy بہت آسان Effortless
Very Dry بہت خشک Arid
Very Dirty بہت گندا Filthy
Very Difficult بہت مشکل Arduous
Very Exciting بہت جوش دینے والی Exhilarating
Very Expensive بہت مہنگا Costly
Very Fancy بہت نفیس Lavish
Very Funny بہت مزاحیہ Hilarious
Very Frightening بہت ڈراؤنا Terrifying
Very Friendly بہت دوستانہ Amiable
Very Fast بہت تیز Quick
Very Frightened بہت ڈرا ہوا Alarmed
Very Fat بہت موٹا Obese
Very Glad بہت خوش Overjoyed
Very Good بہت اچھا Excellent
Very Great بہت عظیم Terrific
Very Huge بہت بڑا Colossal
Very Hot بہت گرم Sweltering
Very High بہت اونچا Soaring
Very Heavy بہت بھاری Leaden
Very Hard بہت سخت/مشکل Difficult
Very Happy بہت خوش Ecstatic
Very Sorry بہت افسردہ Apologetic
Very Special بہت خاص Exceptional
Very Strong بہت مضبوط Forceful
Very Stupid بہت احمقانہ Idiotic
Very Sure بہت پریقین Certain
Very Talented بہت ہنر مند Gifted
Very Tall بہت لمبا Towering
Very Tasty بہت خوش ذائقہ Delicious
Very Afraid بہت ڈرا ہوا Fearful
Very Angry بہت غصہ Furious
Very Accurate بلکل ٹھیک Exact
Very Bad بہت برا Awful
Very Beautiful بہت خوبصورت Gorgeous
Very Big بہت بڑا Massive
Very Boring بہت اکتا دینے والا Dull
Very Bright بہت روشن Luminous
Very Long بہت لمبا Extensive
Very Long Term بہت لمبی معیاد کیلئے Enduring
Very Loose بہت ڈھیلا Slack
Very Messy بہت الجھا دینے والا Slovenly
Very Necessary بہت ضروری Essential
Very Nervous بہت گھبرایا ہوا Apprehensive
Very Nice بہت اچھا/مہربان Kind
Very Noisy بہت شور کرنے والا Deafening

English Vocabulary Words And Stop Saying Very

Very Old بہت پرانا Ancient
Very Old Fashioned بہت پرانی طرز کا Archaic
Very Open بہت کھلا Transparent
Very Painful بہت درد بھرا Excruciating
Very Perfect بہت مکمل Flawless
Very Poor بہت غریب Destitute
Very Pretty بہت پیارا Beautiful
Very Quick بہت تیز Rapid
Very Shy بہت شرمیلا Bashful
Very Simple بہت سادہ Basic
Very Skinny بہت پتلی جسامت کا Skeletal
Very Small بہت چھوٹا Petite
Very Smart بہت تیز Intelligent
Very Smelly بہت بودار Pungent
Very Smooth بہت ہموار Sleek
Very Soft بہت نرم Downy
Very Busy بہت مصروف Swamped
Very Calm بہت پرسکون Serene
Very Careful بہت محتاط Cautious
Very Cheap بہت گھٹیا Stingy
Very Clean بہت صاف Spotless
Very clear بہت  واضح Obvious
Very Cold بہت ٹھنڈا Freezing
Very Colorful بہت رنگ بھرا Vibrant
Very Hungry بہت بھوکا Starving
Very Hurt بہت تکلیف میں Battered
Very Important بہت اہم Crucial
Very Intelligent بہت ذہین Brilliant
Very Interesting بہت دلچسپ Captivating
Very large بہت بڑا Huge
Very Lazy بہت سست Indolent
Very Little بہت چھوٹا Tiny
Very Thirsty بہت پیاسا Parched
Very Tight بہت تنگ Constricting
Very Tired بہت تھکا ہوا Exhausted
Very Ugly بہت گندا Hideous
Very Useful بہت مفید Informative
Very Unhappy بہت ناخوش Miserable
Very Upset بہت پریشان Distraught
Very Warm بہت گرم Hot
Very Weak بہت کمزور Frail
Very Wet بہت گیلا Soaked
Very Wide بہت چوڑا/وسیع Expansive
Very Wise بہت عقل مند Sage
Very Worried بہت پریشان Distressed

English Vocabulary Words List PDF

These English vocabulary words can be downloaded in PDF format.



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