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Name Of Spices In English With Urdu Meaning PDF

Name Of Spices In English

We all have to use spices in cooking to make it more delicious and appetizing. Being an English learner, you should also learn the name of spices in English. This blog is going to help you. I am providing you with a list of different spices in English with Urdu meanings.

Name Of Spices List In English

This species names list contains some English words that are hard to find. These words can not be found easily. After learning these spices’ names in English, you will be able to speak English more often in your kitchen.

Fenugreek میتھی
Fenugreek Seed میتھی دانہ
Clove لونگ
Turmeric ہلدی
Garlic لہسن
Basil Seeds تُخم بالنگا
Poppy Seed خشخاش
Saffron زعفران
Mango Powder اَمچُور
Carom Seeds اجوائن
Pomegranate Seed انار دانہ
Black Cardamom بڑی الائچی
Green Cardamom سبز/چھوٹی الائچی
Black Salt کالا نمک
Yellow Pepper پیلی مرچ
Coriander دھنیا
Coriander Seed خشک دھنیا/ثابت دھنیا

Name Of Spices

Coriander Powder پسا ہوا دھنیا
Fennel Seeds سونف
Salt نمک
Jaggery گُڑ
Tamarind املی
Nigella Seeds کلونجی
Garam Masala گرم مصالحہ
Black Pepper کالی مرچ
Cumin Seeds زیرہ
Green Chili ہری مرچ
Kokum کوکم
Mint پودینہ
Mustard Seeds رائی دانہ،سرسوں
Black Cumin Seeds کالا زیرہ
Red Chili سُرخ مِرچ
Curry Leaf کڑی پتہ
Flax Seed السی

Name Of Spices

Names Of Spices List PDF

This name of spices list can be downloaded in PDF format which is available for free. This PDF will help you revise the name of spices later.

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