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Present Perfect Tense In Urdu With Examples PDF

Present Perfect Tense In Urdu

The Present Perfect Tense is a verb form used to express actions or events that happened in the past but have a connection to the present. It is formed by using the auxiliary verb “have” (in its different forms) followed by the past participle of the main verb. This tense is often used to discuss experiences, accomplishments, or events that began in the past but still hold relevance or impact on the present.

We use it when:

  1. Talking About Past Actions with Present Relevance: The Present Perfect Tense is used to talk about actions or experiences that occurred at an unspecified time in the past but have a connection to the present. For example, “I’ve already seen that movie” implies that the movie was seen in the past, but the fact that the speaker has already seen it has relevance in the present.

  2. Describing Accomplishments and Achievements: It is used to describe achievements or events that happened in someone’s life without specifying the exact time. For example, if someone has been the president of a student organization, you can mention “held the position of president for a student organization” instead of saying “was president of a student organization from January to December 2019”.

  3. Referring to Unfinished Time Periods: The Present Perfect Tense can be used with expressions of time to indicate an unfinished time period that includes both the past and the present. For instance, “I have worked here for two years” expresses that the speaker has worked at the same place up to the present moment.



 Present Perfect Tense

     کی پہچان اس طرح کی جا سکتی ہے کہ اس میں اردو  فقرات کے آخر میں ‘چکا ہے’چکی ہے’چکا  ہوں’ وغیرہ آتا ہے۔


Present Perfect Tense is used to tell about an action that has been completed in the near past. It shows a link between present and past.

اس زمانہ کا استعمال ایسے کاموں کاموں کا ذکر کرنے کیلئے ہوتا ہے جو  ماضی قریب میں مکمل ہو چکے ہوں،مگر ان فقرات کی پہچان میں ماضی کا ذکر نہیں پایا جاتا۔

مثلا:میں خط لکھ چکا ہوں،ہم کھا نا کھا چکے ہیں،وہ پا نی پی چکی ہے۔

Helping Verbs And Form Of Verb

 کا استعمالHas

He, She, It, Singular Subject

 کا استعمالHave

I, We, You, They, Plural Subject

Form Of Verb?

Verb-3rd is used in all types of sentences in the present perfect tense.

اس ٹینس میں ورب کی تیسری فارم استعمال کیا جاتا ہے

Simple Sentences/ سادہ فقرات بنانے کا طریقہ

Subject + Has/Have + Verb-3rd + object

مفعول                          فعل                امدادی فعل           فاعل

In simple sentences of the present perfect tense, verb-3rd is used.

The patient has died. مریض مر چکا ہے۔
Pakistan has won the match. پا کستا ن میچ جیت چکا ہے۔
You have deceived me. تم نے مجھے دھو کا دیا ہے۔
We have finished our work. ہم نے اپنا کا م ختم کر لیا ہے۔

Present Perfect Tense In Urdu PDF

Negative Sentences/ منفی فقرات بنانے کا طریقہ

Subject + Has not/Have not + verb-3rd + object

You must have noticed that with a small change of Not after helping verb “has/have” we can change a simple sentence into a negative sentence in the present perfect tense.

We have not taken tea. ہم چائے نہیں پی چکے ہیں۔
The girl has not sewn the clothes. لڑکی کپڑے نہیں سی چکی ہے۔
I have not fulfilled my promise. میں نے اہنا وعدہ پورا نہیں کیاہے۔
We have not lost the match. ہم نے میچ نہیں ہا را ہے۔

Interrogative Sentences/ سوالیہ فقرات بنانے کا طریقہ

Has/Have + Subject + verb-3rd  + object

Just by adding the helping verb “has/have” at the beginning of the sentence, interrogative sentences are made in the present perfect tense.

Have you plucked the flowers? کیا تم پھو ل تو ڑچکے ہو؟
Has he revised his lesson? کیا وہ اپنا سبق دہرا چکا ہے؟
Has he resigned? کیا اس نے استعفیٰ دید یا ہے؟
Have you put him off? کیا تم نے اسے ٹا ل دیا ہے؟

Practice Exercise

انہو ں نے اپنا فر ض  پو ر ا کر دیا ہے۔ میں تما م سوالا ت حل کر چکا ہوں۔
سر د ی کا مو سم شر و ع نہیں ہو ا ہے۔ ما لی پو د وں کو پا نی د ے چکا ہے۔
نو کر نے لیمپ رو شن نہیں کیا ہے۔ اس نے میر ا مطا لبہ تسلیم نہیں کیا ہے۔
تم نے افواہیں کیوں پھیلا ئیں ہیں؟ کیا انسان خلاکو تسخیر کر چکا ہے؟
کیا ڈاکٹر مریض کا معا ئنہ کر چکا ہے؟ کیا وہ دیر سے آیا ہے؟

Present Perfect Tense In Urdu PDF

Present Perfect Tense In Urdu PDF

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