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101 Phrasal Verbs List With Urdu Meaning And Sentences

Phrasal Verbs

In this blog, you will learn some proper phrasal verbs with Urdu meanings and Sentences. These phrasal verbs will help you improve your vocabulary and help you speak better English.

101 Phrasal Verbs List

Word معانی Sentence
Ask For مانگ لینا You can ask anything you need
Beat Back پیچھے ہٹنا The flames beat back the firemen
Answer For جواب دہ ہونا Every man must answer for his actions to God
Bear With برداشت کرنا It’s very difficult to bear with her bad temper
Bid Fair اچھی امید ہونا His coaching has been so good that he bids fair to win the race
Back Out وعدے سے پھر جانا He backed out from his words
 Be Off چلے جانا I will be off to the bus station now
Call Off رد کرنا I had to call off the party
Close Down ہمیشہ کیلئے بند کرنا On account of a slump in the market, he had to close down his shop
Close Up عارضی  بند کرنا He closed up the shop for the day and went home
Care For اچھا لگنا Would you care for a cup of tea?
Come Of نتیجہ نکلنا Nothing came of his proposal
Cut Out نکال دینا You can cut out these lines of this essay
Dash Off کہیں جلدی سے جانا The horse dashed off down the street
Deal In کاروبار کرنا I deal in ready-made garments
Cry Out چلانا She cried out when she saw a snake
Count Out شامل نہ کرنا If you are planning any mischief please count me out
Put Up قیام کرنا Where should I put up in Lahore?
Rail Against شکایت کرنا It’s useless railing against your master’s orders
Rank With ہم پلہ There is scarcely any poet who can rank with Allama Iqbal
Run After پیچھے دوڑنا Running after money does not speak well of you
Run For انتخاب لڑنا He ran for presidentship in uni elections
Reflect On برا اثر  پڑنا Your misconduct will reflect on your character
Reckon On بھروسا رکھنا I was reckoning on her presence at the function
Search Out ڈھونڈ نکالنا Our aim in this inquiry is to search out the truth

101 Phrasal Verb With Urdu Meaning

Word معانی Sentence
Die Down کم ہونا/ختم ہونا After a while, the noise died down
Do Up ٹھیک کرنا If you do up this room it will look beautiful
Explain Away بہانا بنانا Although he was at fault yet he tried to explain away his mistake
Eat Into زنگ سے کٹ جانا Rust eats into iron
Fall Back پیچھے ہٹنا When our army charged, the enemy fell back
Fix Up مرمت کرنا We decided to fix up the old house
Fall On حملہ کرنا The angry mob fell on the running thief
Fool Around ہنسی مذاق کرنا Stop fooling around and get to work
Get Across سمجھانا At last, I was able to get across my point
Give Up ہار ماننا Never give up
Get Around ٹالنا He tried to get around the policeman’s inquiries
Give Away بانٹنا The chief guest gave away the prizes
Hand In دے دینا Time is up! please hand in the answer books
Hand Over سونپنا The retiring officer handed over the charge to the new officer
Hold Still خاموش کھڑے رہنا How can I take your photograph if you do not hold still
Hang On  لٹکنا Hang on to the rope lest you should fall down
Hold Up دیر لگانا Your late arrival has held up the work
Set Apart محفوظ رکھنا One day in the week is set apart as a rest day
Set In آغاز ہونا Just as I was about to go the rain set in
Set Out نکل پڑنا He set out on his travels
Serve Up پیش کرنا She served up a tasty meal
Stick At ہچکچانا He will stick at nothing to fulfil his ends
Take After ملتا جلتا  ہونا She has taken after her mother
Take Down لکھ لینا Take down carefully whatever I say
Take Off کپڑے اتارنا He took off his coat

101 Phrasal Verb With Urdu Meaning

Word معانی Sentence
Inquire After خیریت پوچھنا I went to his place to inquire after him
Issue From کسی جگہ یا شے سے باہر نکلنا Water issued from a small crack in the stream
Introduce Into نئی چیز بیچ میں لانا He introduced into the debate a fresh approach
Keep Off دور رکھنا The curtains will keep off the mosquitoes
Keep On جاری رکھنا It was a long journey and he was tired, but he kept on going
Keep Out باہر رکھنا The woolen clothes are warm enough to keep out the cold
Fall In قطار میں کھڑا ہونا The captain ordered the soldiers to fall in
Get Through پورا کرنا When will you get through with your work?
Knock Off کام بند کرنا He did not take long to knock off the work
Keep Up سلسلہ جاری رکھنا You should keep it up
Let Up کم ہونا If the rain let up we will go outside
Look After خیال کرنا She looks after her parents
Look In تھوڑی دیر کیلئے ملنے جانا Do look in  after dinner if you are free
Look Out ہوشیار رہنا Look out there is a car coming
Lay Out نقشہ بنانا The garden was laid out by an expert
Look Up بڑھنا Prices of cooking oil are looking up
Look Over جانچ کرنا The examiner was looking over the students’ answer papers
Take Place منعقد ہونا Where did the meeting take place?
Talk Over مشورہ کرنا The committee is talking over our report
Try On پہن کر دیکھنا The tailor asked me to try on the coat
Turn On چالو کرنا Please turn on the light
Used To عادت ڈالنا I am quite used to driving in crowded places
Use Up استعمال کرکے ختم کرنا Have you used up all the paper I had given you
Wait On خدمت کرنا She waited on us efficiently
Work Up جذباتی ہونا Why are you so worked up?

101 Phrasal Verb With Urdu Meaning

Word معانی Sentence
Make After پیچھے دوڑنا The policemen made after the thief
Make Clear سمجھانا The teacher made clear to me my mistakes
Make Faces منہ ٹیڑھا کرنا Stop making faces at me
Make Of سمجھ پانا I can’t make anything of this statement
Make Over سپرد کرنا He has made over his property to his son
Make Room جگہ بنانا I can’t make room for anything more in this trunk
Make Towards کسی طرف جانا The car made towards the forest
Pack Off جلدی سے رخصت کرنا As he was getting on my nerves I packed him off
Palm Off ٹھگنا He tried to palm off a forged fifty rupee note on me
Pass Away مر جانا His father passed away yesterday
Pass Out ہوش و ہواس کھونا I could not bear the sight of the accident and passed out
Pay Attention دھیان دینا Pay your attention to me
Pick Out پسند کرنا I spent a long time picking out a nice gift
Pull Up رکنا The taxi pulled up at the entrance of the hotel
Push Off چل پڑنا I should push off now
Play With چھیڑ  خانی کرنا It is dangerous to play with fire
Put Off ملتوی کرنا The match had to be put off because of bad weather
Put Right مرمت کرنا Ask the carpenter to put right this broken table
Work Out سلجھانا Could you work out that problem?
Wink At نظر انداز کرنا I can’t wink at his faults no longer
While Away وقت برباد کرنا Don’t while away your time in trifles
Wind Up ختم کرنا Recurring losses compelled him to wind up his business
Wear Off دھندلا پڑنا This colour will wear off soon
Wash Out دھو کر نکال دینا Can this stain be washed out?
Turn Back پیچھے ہٹنا Please turn back from the edge of the water
Trifle With مذاق اڑانا It is cruel to trifle with anybody’s feelings
Take For سمجھ بیٹھنا I took him for a doctor

101 Phrasal Verb With Urdu Meaning


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