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50 Contraction Words With Meaning And Sentences

Contraction Words

Contraction makes our words smaller and helps us speak faster. In this blog, we are going to provide you with a list of 50+ contractions that can be used in our day-to-day English conversations.

Contractions List

Word Contraction Pronunciation Sentence
Are not Aren’t آرنٹ They aren’t here.
Can not Can’t کھینٹھ He can’t swim.
She had She’d شیڈ She’d gone to school.
Should not Shouldn’t شوڈنٹھ You shouldn’t lie.
Could not Couldn’t کُڈنٹ He couldn’t reach.
Do not Don’t ڈونٹ Don’t make noise.
Had not Hadn’t ہیڈنٹ She hadn’t gone.
Has not Hasn’t ہیزنٹ He hasn’t completed work.
Have not Haven’t ہیونٹ I haven’t completed work.
He would He’d ہیڈ He’d laugh at us.
He will He’ll ہیل He’ll be fine.
He is He’s ہیز He’s very funny.
He has He’s ہیز He’s a car.
I had I’d آئیڈ I’d a car.
I would I’d آئڈ I’d be happy.
I will I’ll آئل I’ll be happy.
I am I’m آئم I’m upset.
I have I’ve آئو I’ve a car.
Is not Isn’t اِزنٹ He isn’t here.
Let us Let’s لیٹس Let’s do this.
Must not Mustn’t مسٹنٹ You mustn’t make noise.
She had She’d شیڈ She’d a car.
She would She’d شیڈ She’d be surprised.

Word Contraction Pronunciation Use In Sentence
She has She’s شیز She has a car.
Should not Shouldn’t شوڈنٹھ You shouldn’t be mad.
That is That’s دیٹھس That’s your problem.
There is There’s دیرز There’s a problem.
They had They’d دے اڈ They’d tickets.
They would They’d دے اڈ They’d be here.
They will They’ll دے ال They’ll be shocked.
They are They’re دیَر They’re here.
They have They’ve دے ایو They’ve gone.
We had We’d ویَد We’d a house in town.
We would We’d ویوڈ We’d love to do this.
We are We’re ویآر We’re not coming.
We have We’ve وی ایو We’ve bought a house.
Were not Weren’t وَرَنٹھ They weren’t happy.
She will She’ll شیل She’ll be here.
She is She’s شیز She’s attractive.
Who will Who’ll ہو ال Who’ll handle this.
Who is Who’s ہواذ Who’s that?
What will What’ll وٹ ال What’ll be the cost?
What are What’re وٹ ار What’re you doing?
What is What’s وٹس What’s wrong with you?
What has What’s وٹس What’s happened?
What have What’ve وٹ ایو What’ve you done?


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