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Daily Life Action Verbs For Routine Work In Urdu PDF

Daily Life Action Verbs For Routine Work

Learn 75 daily use English vocabulary words with Urdu meaning for daily life actions. These words will help you to have a conversation about your daily life actions and routine work. e.g giving an order, requesting something, and lots of other actions.

75 Daily Life Action Verbs List

We often have to talk about routine work and daily life actions. In order to have a good conversation on routine work, we have to learn some new vocabulary words. This list is going to be extremely helpful in this regard. You will get some amazingly helpful English vocabulary words with Urdu meanings.

Wake Up جاگنا
Comb کنگھی کرنا
Take Bath/Take Shower نہانا
Get dressed/Wear Clothes کپڑے پہننا
Make Bed بستر لگانا
Gossip/chat گپ شپ کرنا
Play کھیلنا
Beat مارنا
Mollify/Placate منانا/راضی کرنا
Mop پوچا لگانا
Wink آنکھ مارنا
Whistle سیٹی بجانا
Work کام کرنا
Climb چڑھنا
Dig کھودنا
Dream خواب دیکھنا
Punish سزا دینا
Wash دھونا
Quarrel/Fight جھگڑنا
Cook پکانا
Iron استری کرنا
Do the laundry کپڑے دھونا
Invite دعوت دینا
Run بھاگنا
Wait انتظار کرنا
Shout چلانا
Sneeze چھینکنا
Burp ڈکار لینا


Daily Life Action Verbs


Scream چیخنا
Turn مڑنا
Walk چلنا
Sew سلائی کرنا
Sow بیجنا/کاشت کرنا
Water پانی دینا
Abuse گالی دینا
Slap تھپڑ مارنا
Hug گلے ملنا
Snore خراٹے مارنا
Buy خریدنا
Sell بیچنا
Bargain قیمت پہ بحث کرنا
Complete مکمل کرنا
Cry/Weep رونا
Laugh ہنسنا
Tickle گدگدی کرنا
Imitate نقل کرنا
Explain وضاحت کرنا
Ignore نظر انداز کرنا
Cheat دھوکہ دینا
Lie جھوٹ بولنا
Clean صاف کرنا
Noise/Make Noise شور کرنا
Lift اٹھانا
Ride سواری کرنا
Drive گاڑی چلانا
Accept قبول کرنا


Daily Life Action Verbs


Promise وعدہ کرنا
Keep Promise وعدہ پورا کرنا
Increase بڑھانا
Decrease کم کرنا
Twist مروڑنا
Fold تہہ کرنا
Shut/Close بند کرنا
Open کھولنا
Turn On چلانا(بجلی)
Turn Off بند کرنا
Pray دعا کرنا
Offer Prayer نماز ادا کرنا
Go to work/school کام/سکول جانا
Smell سونگھنا
Taste چکھنا
Clap تالی بجانا
Learn By Heart زبانی یاد کرنا
Remind یاد دلانا
Tease تنگ کرنا


Daily Life Action Verbs


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Daily Life Action Verbs For Routine Work In Urdu PDF

These action verbs for the routine work list are also available for free. In order to boost your vocabulary and learn these words later, I would highly recommend you download this PDF.

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