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Dress Vocabulary in English and Urdu PDF Download

Dress Vocabulary In English and Urdu

Every human being on the Earth wears some type of dress. There are different types of dresses which vary from region to region, country to country and even weather or weather. There are many types of dresses used in our life and their names are different in every language. By keeping our focus on English and Urdu, there are many words related to dress and dressing which are not known by us in English. To resolve this problem, in this article, you are going to learn some important and commonly used English and Urdu words which describe the dress, dressing, and the parts of a dress. These vocabulary words are very helpful for learning basic Spoken English skills and enhance your basic knowledge and vocabulary.

Important Words about Dress and Dressing in English and Urdu

لباس بارے انتہائی اہم انگلش و اردو الفاظ

Following is the list of English Words and their meaning in Urdu with pronunciation  which are related to dress and dressing and are used in our daily life. These words are arranged according to common words used in Urdu and are translated in English. This list of words can also be downloaded in PDF Format from download link provided at the end of this article.

Sleeve سلیو آستین
Lining لائننگ استر
Pyjama پاجامہ پاجامہ
Pant, Trousers پینٹ، ٹراؤزرس پتلون
Lace لیس پٹا
Towel ٹوویل تولیہ
Hat ہَیٹ ٹوپ
Cap کیپ ٹوپی
Underwear انڈرویئر جانگھیہ
Gauze گوز جالی
Damask ڈیمسک جامدانی
Trimming ٹرمَنگ جھالر
Jacket جیکٹ جیکٹ
Sheet شیٹ چادر
Gown گاؤن چوغہ (لبادہ)
Bodice بوڈس چولی
Glove گلوو دستانہ
Scarf اسکارف دوپٹہ
Shawl شال دوشالہ
Quilt کولٹ رضائی
Handkerchief, Hanky ہینڈکرچف، ہینکی رومال
Silk سِلک ریشم

Drill ڈرِل زین
Suspenders سسپنڈرس سسپنڈرس
Serge سرج سرج
Chester, Overcoat چیسٹر، اوورکوٹ السٹر
Turban ٹربن صافہ
Tape ٹیپ فیتہ
Shirt شرٹ قمیص
Diaper brocade ڈائپربروکڈ کامدانی
Canvas کینوس کریچ
Cashmere کیشمیری کشمیرا
Belt بیلٹ کمربند
Blanket بلینکٹ کمبل
Coat کوٹ کوٹ
Suit سوٹ کوٹ پتلون
Mattress میٹرس گدا
Muffler مفلر گلوبند
Skirt اسکرٹ گھاگرا (گھنگھرا)
Veil ویل گھونگٹ
Long skirt لونگ اسکرٹ لہنگا
Border بوڈر مگزی
Stocking, Socks اسٹوکنگ، سوکس موزہ
Waist-coat ویسٹ کوٹ واسکٹ
Uniform یونی فارم وردی

Download Dress Vocabulary in PDF

These are some important words about the dress,  dressing and the parts of a dress. If you want to save this list of words for future use, it is convenient to download the list in PDF Format.PDF download link for this article is provided in the download link below.

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