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100 Hardest English Adverbs With Meaning PDF

Adverbs play an important role in helping us express our ideas and thoughts in a clear and concise manner in English, which is a rich and complex language. Some adverbs, however, can be tricky and difficult to understand, particularly for non-native speakers. We’ve compiled a list of 100 of the hardest English adverbs, along with their definitions and usage, to help you expand your vocabulary and become a more confident and fluent speaker of the language. You can easily refer to the list and use these adverbs in your daily conversations and writing with the accompanying PDF.

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100 Hardest English Adverbs List

Abruptly suddenly and without warning
 Accurately precisely and without error
 Aggressively forcefully and with determination
 Almost nearly, but not quite
 Altogether entirely, completely
 Amply in abundance, with plenty
 Annually once a year
 Artistically with artistic skill
 Assuredly without doubt
 Badly poorly or inadequately
 Beautifully exquisitely, in a pleasing manner
 Blindly without sight or without understanding
 Bravely with courage
 Briefly for a short time
 Brightly with brightness, luminously
 Calmly without agitation or disturbance
 Carefully with caution and attention
 Casually without formality
 Certainly without doubt
 Cheerfully with happiness
 Clearly without obscurity or confusion
 Comfortably in a comfortable state
 Completely entirely, fully
 Conveniently with ease, suitably
 Courageously with bravery
 Craftily with cunning, shrewdness
 Critically with criticism, examination
 Daringly with bravery, daring
 Dearly at a high price, with love
 Deeply profoundly, with intensity
 Deliberately with intention, purposely
 Desperately with extreme urgency
 Directly without deviation

Hardest English Adverbs

 Dispassionately without emotion
 Distinctly clearly, distinctly
 Dreadfully terribly, extremely
 Easily without difficulty
 Effortlessly without effort, effortlessly
 Electrically with electricity
 Elegantly gracefully, with elegance
 Enough sufficient, adequate
Enthusiastically with excitement, eagerness
 Evenly smoothly, evenly
 Eventually in the end
 Exactly precisely, exactly
 Excellently superbly, very well
 Excessively to an excessive degree
 Exclusively only, exclusively
 Expediently practically, efficiently
 Extremely to an extreme degree
 Fairly justly, without bias
 Familiarly with familiarity
 Far at a great distance
 Fast quickly, rapidly
 Fatally deadly, with death
 Firmly with firmness, securely
 Flawlessly without flaw, perfectly
 Freely without restriction, voluntarily
 Frequently often, repeatedly
 Fully completely, fully
 Gladly with pleasure, willingly
 Gracefully elegantly, smoothly
 Greatly to a great extent
 Gently softly, without force
 Good well, with excellence
 Gratefully with gratitude, thankfully

Hardest English Adverbs

 Hastily in a hurry, quickly
 Accordingly  in accordance with
 Accordingly  as a result
 Additionally  furthermore
 Apparently  seemingly
 Apparently  as far as can be seen or determined
 Basically  essentially
 Basically  at a basic or fundamental level
 Blindly  without careful consideration
 Blindly  without the ability to see
 Briefly  for a short time
 Briefly  in a few words
 Clearly  distinctly
 Clearly  without doubt
 Completely  entirely
 Completely  fully
 Consciously  with awareness
 Consciously  intentionally
 Consequently  as a result
 Consequently  therefore
 Constantly  continually
 Constantly  regularly
 Continuously  without interruption
 Continuously  constantly
 Correctly  accurately
 Correctly  precisely
 Currently  at present
 Currently  now
 Definitely  without doubt
 Definitely  surely
 Deliberately  intentionally
 Deliberately  on purpose
 Desperately  with great urgency
 Desperately  hopelessly

Hardest English Adverbs

100 Hardest Adverb List PDF

To make it easier for you to refer to and study the list of 100 hardest adverbs, we have compiled the information into a convenient PDF format. Simply click on the download button below to get your copy of the “100 Hardest English Adverbs with Meaning” PDF, and start improving your English language skills today!

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