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45 Advanced Nouns In English With Urdu Meaning

Learn 45 advanced English nouns with Urdu meanings and example sentences. In this lesson, I have brought some advanced English nouns that most beginners don’t even know. In order to make this lesson more productive for them, I have added the correct pronunciation and an example sentence for each word. This vocabulary lesson is available to you in PDF format for free.

45 Advanced Nouns In English List

Ingrate نا شکر گزار،احسان ناشناس Mir Sadiq was a traitor and an ingrate.
Rapine لوٹ مار It was a tale of bloodshed and rapine.
Chagrin مایوسی،غصہ Much to his chagrin he did not win the race.
Bigotry تعصب His bigotry in the field of religion was hard to tolerate.
Demagogue سیاسی انتشار پسند The students should avoid the demagogue.
Exhortation روح پھونکنے والی تقریر His sermon was breath taking exhortation.
Helots محکوم،غلام They have been reduced to the position of helots.
Trepidation بے چینی،خدشہ He faced the crisis with real trepidation.
Frustration شکستہ دلی Despite his efforts, he could not succeed and was left with a sense of frustration.
Nostalgia گزرے وقت کی یاد I have a sort of nostalgia for the little town I was born.
Altercation جھگڑا،فساد Discussions on the subjects of politics and religious so often end in an altercation.
Paragon مجسمہ کمال She was paragon of wifely virtues.
Gusto جوش،جذبہ The youth tackled the job with great gusto.
Accolade کسی کی کامیابی پر سلام His play deserved an accolade.
Veracity صداقت پسندی You can always trust the veracity of his remarks.
Affluence فراوانی،دولت He was in a position of affluence.
Adulation بہت زیادہ تعریف His admiration grew into a foolish adulation.
Compunction احساس جرم He robs the poor without mercy or compunction
Mendacity کذب بیانی،جھوٹ You can’t trust his word, so great in his mendacity.
Avarice حرص،لالچ He was rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

Renegade غدار،مرتد I thought him to be a patriot but he came out to be a renegade.
Malefactor غلط کار،موذی Many a malefactor can be found among politicians.
Sycophant چاپلوس،خوشامدی Anwar gets everything done because he is a great sycophant.
Chauvinist انتہا پسند،محب وطن The chauvinist believes that his nation is always right in whatever it does.
Carnage قتل عام The general realized that further carnage should be stopped.
Depredations لوٹ مار After the revolution the depredation went on unchecked.
Fiasco مضحکہ خیز ناکامی The play was a tragic fiasco.
Canard گھڑی ہوئی کہانی A canard was circulated to deceive the public.
Stupefaction سکتہ کی حالت The sudden shock left him in a state of complete stupefaction.
Throes آزمائش،دکھ  Our nation is in the throes of war.
Extremity مصیبت،بد قسمتی Now Jordan is in her most dire extremity.
Duplicity دھوکا،فریب He would say one thing to my face and another behind my back.His duplicity knew no bounds.
Contumely توہین آمیز سلوک They heaped contumely on the poor.
Calumny بہتان،تہمت It was a calumny as foul as ever issued from the throat of man.
Hellions شرارتی شیطان لوگ Our men are determined to punish these hellions.
Fortitude حوصلہ،برداشت We must learn again the patience and fortitude that armed our ancestors.
Banality رسمی   جملے,بناوٹ His expressions of gratifications was not a mere banality.
Contrition ندامت،پشیمانی Contrition of heart should be accompanied by an act of faith.
Dudgeon طیش He was in a high dudgeon over this injustice.
Rancor کینہ Their minds and hearts are warped by passion and rancor.
Impetus تحریک His support gave great impetus to the cause.
Duress ناجائز دباؤ He has to go there under duress.

Advanced Nouns PDF

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