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Parts Of Body Names In Urdu And English PDF

Parts Of Body In Urdu

In this blog, you are going to learn Parts Of Body names in Urdu and English with pictures. Learn the Parts of Body names with pictures in English and Urdu/Hindi. In this lesson, you are going to learn the names of all these body parts in Urdu in a detailed manner with pictures, and Urdu/Hindi translation. In our daily life conversations, we often need to talk about our body, its parts, and organs.

Being English learners, we need to have knowledge of these body parts. Just imagine, you are talking to someone and get stuck on a really basic part of the body name. It becomes really embarrassing. In this video, I am not explaining only simple and basic words, but also explaining some really tough, rare, hard-to-pronounce body parts.

I have also added some internal body parts to make this lesson a good solution for you and help you learn external as well as internal body parts in one go. For your easiness, I have also provided this lesson in PDF format. You can download the lesson and revise it later. This PDF lesson is available to you for free.

Parts Of Body Names In Urdu List


Skelton ڈھانچہ
Head سر
Ear drums کان کے پردے
Forehead پیشانی
Nape گْدّی
Eyebrow پلکیں
Shoulder کندھا
Arm بازو
Hand ہاتھ
Fingers انگلیاں
Hair بال
Ear کان
Earlobe کان کی لو
Neck گردن
Eyes آنکھیں
Eyelashes بھنویں
Armpit بغل
Elbow کہنی
Palm ہتھیلی
Nails انگلیوں کے ناخن

Parts Of Body In Urdu

Nose ناک
Cheek گال
Moustache مونچھ
Lip ہونٹ
Molar داڑھ
Chin ٹھوڑی
Throat گَلا
Belly پیٹ
Leg ٹانگ
Knee گھٹنا
Nostril نتھنے
Jaw جبڑا
Mouth منہ
Tooth دانت
Tongue زبان
Beard داڑھی
Chest سینہ
Belly Button/Navel ناف
Thigh ران
Calf پنڈلی

Parts Of Body Name In Urdu PDF

After learning all these body parts’ names in Urdu, it’s time for you to save this lesson forever. You can download the PDF by clicking the PDF link below.


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