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Professions Names List In English With Urdu Meaning

Professions Names List In English

Learn the names of different professions in English and Urdu. Names of different professions have been completely elaborated in this blog. We meet a bunch of people on a daily basis. All of them belong to a profession. We often try to say the name of a particular profession in English but we get stuck. This post is going to help you quickly improve your vocabulary. You are going to learn some new English words which will help you to name different professions in English.

What is a profession?

According to the Cambridge English dictionary 

A profession is any type of work that needs special training or a particular skill, often one that is respected because it involves a high level of education.

Professions Names List

This list is comprised of various professional names with Urdu meanings. Learn these amazing vocabulary words and improve your English vocabulary.

Gold Smith سونار
Sailor ملاح
Book Binder جلد ساز
Baker نان بائی
Butcher قصائی
Sculptor سنگ تراش
Astrologer نجومی
Shepherded گدڑیا
Watchman چوکیدار
Farmer کسان
Mason معمار
Blacksmith لوہار
Sweeper خاکروب
Fisherman ماہی گیر
Clerk منشی


Professions Names List

Confectioner حلوائی
Teacher استاد
Bookseller کتب فروش
Carpenter بڑھئی
Physician معالج
Surgeon جراح
Barber حجام
Cobbler موچی
Gardener مالی
Cook باورچی
Butler خانساماں
Merchant سوداگر
Hawker پھیری والا
Contractor ٹھیکیدار
Milkman دودھ والا

Professions Names List

Profession Names List PDF

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