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Names OF Animals In English With Urdu Meaning PDF

Names OF Animals In English

Names of animals are often confusing, agreed? Even if we know the general name of the animal, female names and baby names become confusing. In this blog, you are going to learn the name of all animals with a difference between males, females, and babies’ names.

Names OF Animals List

This list has names of animals along with Urdu meaning, male, female, and baby names. These names are often confusing. I suggest you learn these animal names thoroughly and also download the names of animals list in the PDF given at the end of this blog.

Animal Meaning Male Female Baby
Lion شیر Lion Lioness Cub
Cat بلی Tomcat Queen(cat) Kitten
Horse گھوڑا Stud Mare Colt, Filly
Goat بکری Buck Nany Billy
Deer ہرن Buck Doe Fawn
Alligator مگرمچھ Bull(Alligator) Cow(Alligator) hatchling
Fox لومڑی dog fox, or tod Vixen cub, pup(Fox)
Rabbit خرگوش Buck Doe Bunny
Jackal گیدڑ Jackal Female Jackal Baby Jackal
Tiger چیتا Tiger Tigress Cub(Tiger)
Leopard چیتا Leopard Leopardess Cub(Leopard)
Elephant ہاتھی Bull(Elephant) Cow(Elephant) Calf(Elephant)
Mole چھچھوندر Mole Female Mole Pup Mole
Pig سور Boar Sow Piglet
Hyena لگڑبگا Hyena Female Hyena Cub(Hyena)
Bull سانڈ Bull Cow Calf
Buffalo بھینس Buffalo Female Buffalo Calf

Names OF Animals

Animal Meaning Male Female Baby
Wolf بھیڑیا Boar She-Wolf Pup Wolf
Stag بارہ سنگھا Buck, Male Stag Hind Fawn
Monkey بندر Monkey Monkey Infant
Rhinoceros گینڈا Bull Cow Calf
Panther تیندوا Panther She-panther Cub panther
Zebra زیبرا Stallion Mare Foal
Baboon لنگور Baboon Baboon Infant
Antelope غزالی Buck Doe Calf
Squirrel گلہری Buck Doe Pup Squirrel
Bear ریچھ Boar Sow Cub
Rat چوہا Buck Doe Pup
Sheep بھیڑ Ram ewe Lamb
Mongoose نیولا Mongoose Mongoose Pup mongoose
Cow گائے Bull Cow Calf
Ox بیل Ox Cow Calf
Dog کتا Dog Bitch Puppy
Camel اونٹ Bull Cow Calf

Names OF Animals

Names Of Animals List PDF

These names of animals are also available in a list. Download this PDF list to revise these names later.

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