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Things In The House Vocabulary In English And Urdu

Things In The House Vocabulary

Things in the house are often hard to name in English. Being a non-native speaker we have to learn some new vocabulary words in order to name all the articles present in our house. Some parts of the building are often difficult.

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This blog is going to help you in learning all those things in the house names with the correct meaning. This list can also be downloaded in PDF format given at the end of this blog.

Things In The House Vocabulary In English And Urdu

Ashtray راکھ دان
Basin بیسن
Blanket کمبل
Bolster گاؤ تکیہ
Bolt چٹخنی
Bucket بالٹی
Carpet قالین
Chandelier فانوس
Couch صوفہ
Cradle جھولا
Cupboard الماری
Curtain پردہ
Cushion گدی
Doormat دروازے کی چٹائی
Ewer لوٹا
Hand Mill ہاتھ والی چکی
Mat چٹائی
Mirror آئینہ
Mattress گدا
Pillow تکیہ
Hook/Wall Hook کھونٹی
Quilt رضائی
Scissors قینچی
Flower Vase گلدان
Pestle And Mortar دوری ڈنڈا
Comb کنگھی
Stairs سیڑھیاں
Bathroom غسل خانہ
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Things In The House


Verandah برآمدہ
Spout پرنالہ
Courtyard صحن
Drain نالی
Ventilator روشن دان
Railing جنگلہ
Threshold دہلیز
Attic برساتی
Lattice جالی
Ceiling چھت (اندرونی)
Roof چھت
Shelf شلف

Things In The House

Things In The House Vocabulary Download PDF

This vocabulary list is also avilable in PDF format. You can download this list to revise these words later.

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