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Feelings And Emotions Vocabulary Words In Urdu PDF

Feelings And Emotions Vocabulary

Learn 27 English vocabulary words to express your feelings and emotions. These vocabulary words will help you to talk about different feelings, emotions, and situations we go through in our life.

Feelings And Emotions Vocabulary Words

Ashamed شرمندہ
Embarrassed شرمندہ
Scared ڈرا ہوا
Bored بیزار
Exhausted تھکا ہوا
Sleepy خواب آلودہ
Disgusted ناگوار
Angry غصہ۔ناراض
Surprised حیرت زدہ
Furious برہم
Nervous گھبرایا
Happy خوش
Sad اداس
Hungry بھوکا
Anxious فکر مند
Confident پراعتماد
Curious متجسس
Indifferent لاتعلق
Frightened خوف زدہ
Hopeful پرامید
Arrogant مغرور
Shocked حیران
Excited پرجوش
Worried پریشان
Relieved پرسکون
Lazy سست
Thankful مشکور

Feelings And Emotions Vocabulary

Feelings And Emotions Vocabulary Download PDF

This vocabulary list is also available in PDF format. Download the PDF to learn and revise these vocabulary words later.

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