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Names Of Diseases List In Urdu And English

Names Of Diseases List In Urdu And English

Learn the names of diseases in Urdu and English. You will learn the names of different diseases in English and Urdu. Download the disease name list in PDF format. These are some common disease names. This list will help you to improve your English vocabulary. After learning these names, you will have no difficulty in discussing something with the doctor or surfing the internet to find out the remedy for a particular disease.

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Diseases Names List

Learn these simple words and improve your English vocabulary.

Asthma دمہ
Boil پھنسی
Burn چھالہ
Cholera ہیضہ
Constipation قبض
Diabetes ذیابیطس
Diarrhea اسہال
Cough کھانسی
Eczema خارش
Epilepsy مرگی
Freckle چھائیاں
Goitre گلہڑ
Hiccup ہچکی
Indigestion بدہضمی
Inflammation سوجن
Insomnia بے خوابی
Jaundice یرقان
Paralysis فالج
Pneumonia نمونیہ
Sprain موچ
Typhoid معیادی بخار
Tonsillitis گلےکی سوزش
Malaria ملیریا
Fever بخار
Ophthalmia دکھتی آنکھیں
Headache سردرد
Toothache دانت کا درد
Acidity جلن

Names Of Diseases List

Giddiness چکرآنا
Scabies خارش
Anemia خون کی کمی
Vomit قے کرنا
Acne مہاسے
Lame لنگڑا
Blind اندھا
One-Eyed کانا
Stammerer ہکلا
Stutterer توتلا
Deaf بہرا
Dumb گونگا

Names Of Diseases List

Diseases Name List PDF

This disease names list is also available in PDF format. Download the PDF to learn these words later. This PDF will help you to revise these words later.

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