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100 Hardest English Verbs With Meaning List PDF

Verbs are the English language’s beating heart. They are necessary for creating meaningful sentences because they convey action, occurrence, or state of being. Some English verbs, however, can be particularly difficult for non-native speakers. This article will look at the 100 hardest English verbs and provide clear definitions to help you understand their meanings and applications.

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100 Hardest English Verbs

The 100 most difficult English verbs listed in this article are known for their complexities and subtle meaning nuances. Understanding the full potential of these verbs is critical to advancing your English proficiency, whether you are a native speaker or a language learner.

Anticipate  to expect or predict
 Articulate  to express or state clearly
 Circumvent  to find a way around or avoid
 Connote  to suggest or imply an additional meaning
 Denigrate  to criticize or belittle
 Disseminate  to spread or distribute information
 Elaborate  to add detail or complexity to something
 Envisage  to imagine or anticipate
 Facilitate  to make easier or smoother
 Flourish  to thrive or prosper
 Guarantee  to ensure or promise
 Harness  to control or use effectively
 Imply  to suggest without directly stating
 Innovate  to introduce new ideas or methods
 Jeopardize  to put at risk or endanger
 Leverage  to use for advantage
 Maximize  to make as great as possible
 Negotiate  to reach agreement through discussion
 Optimize  to make as efficient or effective as possible
 Persevere  to persist or continue despite difficulties
 Quench  to satisfy or relieve
 Regulate  to control or govern
 Sustain  to support or maintain
 Terminate  to end or bring to a conclusion
 Utilize  to make use of or employ
 Venerate  to honor or respect
 Wield  to hold and use effectively
 Xenophobic  to have fear or hatred of foreign things
 Yearn  to have a strong desire or longing for
 Zealous  having great enthusiasm or fervor
 Contend  to compete or strive
 Convert  to change or transform
 Dissect  to analyze or examine in detail

100 Hardest English Verbs

100 Hard English Verbs With Meaning

 Evolve  to develop or progress over time
 Exhort  to urge or encourage
 Fabricate  to make or build something
 Fluctuate  to change or vary frequently
 Fracture  to break or damage
 Hone  to sharpen or perfect
 Impair  to damage or weaken
 Inculcate  to instill or teach
 Infuse  to combine or introduce
 Interject  to insert or interrupt
 Invalidate  to make void or null
 Jettison  to discard or get rid of
 Magnify  to increase or make larger
 Nurture  to care for or support
 Obfuscate  to confuse or make unclear
 Permeate  to spread or penetrate
 Propagate  to produce or spread
 Relegate  to assign or place in a lower position
 Salvage  to save or recover
 Simulate  to imitate or represent
 Synthesize  to combine or create
 Thrive  to grow or prosper
 Undermine  to weaken or damage from within
 Underscore  to emphasize or stress
 Uphold  to maintain or support
 Ventilate  to supply with air or allow to circulate
 Wane  to decrease or fade away
 Waver  to hesitate or waver
 Withstand  to resist or endure
 Yield  to produce or provide
 Zest  to add flavor or enthusiasm
 Abolish  to eliminate or get rid of
 Accommodate  to provide or adjust to
 Evolve  to deveA34:B66lop or progress over time
 Exhort  to urge or encourage
 Fabricate  to make or build something
 Fluctuate  to change or vary frequently

100 Hardest Verbs Picture

100 Hardest English Verbs

 Adjudicate  to judge or determine
 Amplify  to increase or make louder
 Appropriate  to set aside or allocate
 Argue  to dispute or debate
 Aspire  to strive or aim for
 Augment  to increase or add to
 Authorize  to give permission or power
 Blunt  to dull or make less sharp
 Cancel  to terminate or stop
 Cast  to throw or launch
 Circulate  to move or spread
 Conjecture  to guess or speculate
 Consolidate  to unite or bring together
 Contend  to compete or strive
 Convince  to persuade or influence
 Defend  to protect or guard
 Deliberate  to consider or ponder
 Denounce  to condemn or criticize
 Despise  to dislike or have contempt for
 Detract  to decrease or detract from
 Deviate  to depart or deviate from
 Disguise  to conceal or change the appearance
 Dominate  to control or rule over
 Embody  to represent or embody
 Encumber  to burden or hinder
 Enhance  to improve or make better
 Equate  to make equal or equivalent
 Evolve  to develop or progress over time
 Fluctuate  to change or vary frequently
 Foster  to promote or encourage growth

100 Hardest English Verbs

List Of 100 Hardest Verbs In PDF

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