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Sentences About Winter In English And Urdu

Winter is a time of transition, marked by frigid temperatures, icy windows, and excitement for the approaching holidays. It’s time to layer up, enjoy the chilly weather, and figure out how to be warm and comfortable even when the temperature decreases. There is no doubting the allure of this particular time of year, whether you appreciate holiday customs, snow sports, or simply the splendor of the winter scenery. We’ll be looking at a range of phrases with a winter theme that perfectly encapsulates the season in this blog. These wintery words, which range from uplifting proverbs to inspirational statements, are sure to cheer you up and make your day a little bit warmer.

5 Phrases Used In Winter

  1. “Bundle up!” This phrase is often used to remind someone to dress warmly, especially when going outside in cold weather.
  2. “It’s colder than a witch’s tit.” This is a colloquial phrase used to describe extremely cold temperatures.
  3. “Winter wonderland.” This phrase is often used to describe a beautiful winter landscape, particularly one covered in snow.
  4. “Hygge.” This Danish word, pronounced “hoo-gah,” refers to the feeling of comfort, warmth, and coziness that comes from spending time with loved ones and enjoying simple pleasures during the winter months.
  5. “Frosty the Snowman.” This phrase references the popular holiday song and character, who is known for his jolly personality and love of winter.

Sentences About Winter

You will learn some constructive English sentences that can help you speak English.

Extinguish the fire! آگ بجھا دیں!
Light a fire! آگ جلا دیں!
Let’s sit near brazier. چلو آگ کے پاس بیٹھتے ہیں
I am shivering. میں کانپ رہا ہوں
My fingers are going numb. میری انگلیاں سُن ہو رہی ہیں
Put on your sweater. اپنا سویٹر پہنو
Are you feeling cold? کیا ا ب کو ٹھنڈ لگ ر ہی ہے؟
I need a sweater مجھے سویٹر چاہیے۔
How’s the weather? موسم کیسا ہے؟
He has a runny nose. اسکی ناک بہی رہی ہے
Nothing is visible due to fog. د ھند کیوجہ سے کچھ نہیں د کھ ر ہا۔
My hands are turning cold. میرے ہاتھ ٹھنڈے ہو رہے ہیں
Keep the heater close to me. ہیٹر میرے پاس رکھ دیں
Cover yourself well. خود کو اچھے سے ڈھانپو!
It’s very cold outside. باہر بہت سردی ہے
Wear your gloves. دستانے پہن لو
Winter has set in. سردیاں شروع   ہو چکی ہیں
I am feeling cold. مجھے ٹھنڈ لگ رہی ہے
It’s too foggy outside باہر بہت دھند ہے
I’m basking. میں دھوپ سیک رہا ہوں

It’s very cold today. آج بہت سردی ہے
Give me the quilt. مجھے رضائی دو
Give me the blanket. مجھے کمبل دو
I have a fever due to a cold. مجھے سردی کی وجہ سے بخار ہوگیا ہے
Get into the quilt quickly. جلدی سے رضائ میں جاؤ
I have a bad cough. مجھے بہت شدید کھانسی لگی ہے
I have a sore throat. میرا گلہ خراب ہے
I catch a cold very often. مجھے اکثر سردی ہو جاتی ہے
My heels are cracking. میری ایڑیاں پھٹ رہی ہیں
Winter is over. سردیاں ختم ہو چکی ہیں
Let’s bask in the sun. چلو دھوپ سیکتے ہیں
Let’s sit by the fire. چلو آگ کے قریب بیٹھتے ہیں
I am shivering with cold. میں سردی سے کانپ رہا ہوں
I need muffler. مجھے مفلر چاہیے
We are basking fire. ہم آگ سیک رہے ہیں
The snow is falling. برف باری ہو رہی ہے

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