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45+ Colors Names List In English And Urdu PDF

Our moods, emotions, and even our actions are all influenced by colors, which are a fundamental component of our universe. There is a hue for every situation and every individual, from the strong and vivid to the delicate and understated. We’ll be looking at a variety of color names in this list, from the well-known and common to the more obscure and surprising. This collection is likely to include something for everyone, whether you’re a designer searching for ideas, an artist looking for new colors to add to your palette or just someone who loves color. Therefore, let’s explore the countless possibilities of color!

45+ Colors Names

So, in this blog, you will be learning the names of different common colors with pictures.


Orange نارنجی Mauve بنفشی
Red سرخ Maroon ہلکا قر مزی
White سفید Navy blue گہرا نیلا
Green سبز Off white ہلکا سفید
Indigo گہرا نیلا Oyster ہلکا گرے
Amber امبر Chrome زرد
Apple green سیب سبز Turquoise فیروزی
Azure آسمانی Cosmic blue ہلکا فیروزی
Beige خاکستری Crimson قر مزی
Black سیاہ Pale ہلکا رنگ
Blue نیلا Red Oxide گہرا براون
Bright blue روشن نیلے Royal green رائل سبز
Carnation گلنازی Scarlet سرخی مائل رنگ
Chocolate چاکلیٹ Signal red گہرا سرخ

Dark grey گہرا بھورا Smoke grey دھواں بھوری
Emerald زمرد Sea green سمندری سبز
Green brown سبز بھوری Violet وایلیٹ
Golden سنہری Vermilion سندھوری
Pink گلابی Yellow پیلا
Purple ارغوانی

As we’ve seen, there is a huge and diverse universe of colours, with shades to fit every preference and every need. There is a hue to fit every mood and every situation, from the brilliant and dramatic to the gentle and subtle. This collection of color names is certain to contain something for everyone, whether you’re a designer searching for ideas, an artist looking for new hues to add to your palette, or simply someone who likes color. So remember to use this list as a guide the next time you want to inject some color into your life and learn about the many possibilities that the world of color has to offer.

Colors Names List PDF

You can get this list of color names in PDF format for free.

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