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31 Advanced Verbs In English With Urdu PDF

31 Advanced Verbs

Learn 31 advanced English verbs for spoken as well as written English. These verbs are often used in our daily life conversations. These 31 advanced verbs are also available in PDF format.

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Lipsync کسی اور کی آواز پہ ہونٹ ہلانا A singer should not lip-sync in live concert.
Dash جلدی میں جانا I am late, I must dash.
Nudge کہنی مارنا She nudged me.
Recline ٹیک لگانا After studying for an hour, he reclined and slept there.
Burp ڈکار لینا Cover your mouth while burping.
Gab بک بک کرنا He kept on gabing all the time.
Forswear جھوٹی قسم کھانا We should not forswear.
Eavesdrop چھپ کر سننا I saw her eavesdropping.
Conspire سازش کرنا They conspired against me.
Wink آنکھ مارنا Ahmad winked publically.
Delude سبز باغ دکھانا She deluded her client.
Alter بدلنا You do not need to alter your appearance.
Nibble کترنا The rat nibbled my dress.
Itch خارش کرنا He asked ahmad to itch his back.
Backbite چغلی کرنا He always backbites his friends.

31 Advanced Verbs

Entreat منت کرنا His friends entreated him not to go.
Flatter خوشامد کرنا She flattered the teacher to get good marks.
Crave اشتیاق کرنا The other day, he was craving pizza.
Deviate انحراف کرنا He deviated the traffic rules.
Glare گھورنا She glared at me silently.
Gravitate کھچے چلے جانا He gravitated towards his homeland.
Exaggerate مبالغہ آرائی کرنا She exaggerated the story to make it more interesting.
Ignite آگ لگنا He ignited woods and started basking fire.
Upbraid جھڑکنا She upbraided her daughter for not doing homework.
Intertwine لپیٹنا /مروڑنا They intertwined the ropes to make them stronger
Saunter چہل قدمی کرنا He was sauntering across the road.
Stumble ٹھوکر کھانا She stumbled as it was dark.
Defraud فراڈ کرنا He was trying to defraud my company.
Mollify منانا/راضی کرنا I had to mollify her with love and care.
Mop پوچا لگانا She mopped the kitchen floor.

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These advanced English verbs are also available in PDF format. You can download these verbs for free and revise them later.

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