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33 Advanced Adjectives In English List With Urdu PDF

33 Advanced Adjectives In English

Advanced adjectives in English to help you improve your vocabulary. I tried to cover a few Urdu and Hindi words whose English is difficult to find. These advanced adjectives are going to be amazingly helpful in written as well as spoken English.
You might be wondering what an adjective is and why an adjective is important. In simplest words, an adjective is a word naming an attribute of a noun, such as sweet, red, or technical. This list of advanced English adjectives is also available in PDF format.

Advanced Adjectives List

Our Advanced Adjectives List is a comprehensive compilation of descriptive words that will elevate your language skills and enrich your communication. Expand your vocabulary and enhance your writing, speaking, and creative expression with our Advanced Adjectives List, a valuable resource for anyone seeking to add depth and flair to their linguistic repertoire.

Brash جھلا،جھلی She is a bit brash in her manner.
Iniquitous پاپی ، بداعمال The iniquitous persons are undermining national unity.
Profligate فضول خرچ Our nation is profligate with its resources.
Exemplary مثالی He is really an exemplary character with good manners and taste.
Adamant نہ ماننے والا He is adamant on the subject of morals.
Immutable اٹل His principles are immutable.
Invidious غیر منصفانہ It is not good for you to make an invidious distinction.
Usurious سود خور Usurious people have greed in their hearts.
Insuperable ناقابل عبور This is not an insuperable difficulty.
Sanguinary خونریز He had a sanguinary fight with Ahmad.
Refractory سرکش We tried to train that refractory horse, but all in vain.
Disgusting ناگوار،ناشائستہ He would be able to leave the noisome place of the slums.
Mandatory واجب،ناگزیر He regards reading as the mandatory part.
Nonpareil یکتا،بے نظیر The works of Keats were nonpareil.
Choleric غصیل Don’t tease him, he is choleric.
Bellicose جھگڑالو He is bellicose.

Advanced Adjectives In English List

Poignant بہت تکلیف دہ We happened to see poignant destruction in that area.
Monumental یادگار،عظیم الشان Pakistan’s resolution was a monumental milestone.
Herculean مشقت و وقت طلب Data Entry is a herculean task.
Catastrophic پرآشوب They had to face a catastrophic defeat.
Perfidious غدارانہ We were taken aback to learn of his perfidious acts.
Defamatory بدنام کن Your defamatory remarks annoyed him.
Salacious فحش You should avoid salacious books and plays.
Laconic بے حد مختصر The report is laconic.
Obsequious چاپلوس The waiter made me a little sick with her obsequious bows.
Intrepid نڈر،بے خوف Our intrepid soldiers defeated their army.
Unconscionable بے ضمیر He was horrified at the unconscionable activities.
Mendacious فرضی His testimony was mendacious.
Lucrative بہت منافع بخش The profession of teaching is not a lucrative one.
Arduous مشقت طلب The campaign was filled with arduous tasks.
Intransigent اڑیل،ناماننے والا This crowd is intransigent.
Mawkish بے حد جزباتی I don’t like mawkish players.

Advanced Adjectives In English List

Advanced Adjectives List PDF

Get this advanced adjectives list in PDF format for free.

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