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Family Relations Names In English And Urdu PDF

Family Relations Names In English

Learn the name of family relations in English with Urdu’s meanings and translations. These words vary from dictionary to dictionary. But in this blog, you are going to find names of all relations in English that are 100 percent reliable and natural.

Family Relations Names Are Difficult?

We often find family relations names to be difficult. The reason behind this is in our areas and native languages, every relationship has a distinct name. While in English countries, this practice of naming every family relation distinctly is not followed. As a result, finding family relations names in English becomes difficult.

Family Relationship Names In English And Urdu

This blog will help you to learn all those family relations names with Urdu meaning.

Matchmaker بیچولا/رشتےوالا
Fiancée منگیترلڑکی
Uncle چچا/ماموں
Paternal Uncle پھوپھا
Niece بھتیجی/بھانجی
In-Laws سسرال
Brother-In-Law سالا
Daughter-In-Law بہو
Grandfather دادا
Maternal Grandfather نانا
Step Daughter سوتیلی بیٹی
Fiancé منگیتر
Siblings بہن بھائی
Maternal Uncle ماموں
Nephew بھتیجا/بھانجا
Better Half شوہر/بیوی
Mother-In-Law ساس
Father-In-Law سسر
Son-In-Law داماد
Grandmother دادی
Maternal Grandmother نانی
Parents والدین

Family Relations Names

Aunt چچی/تائی/خالہ/ممانی
Maternal Aunt خالہ
Chum لنگوٹیا یار
Daughter بیٹی
Brother بھائی
Step-Mother سوتیلی ماں
Adopted Daughter گود لی بیٹی
Pupil شاگرد
Landlord زمین دار/مالک مکان
Paternal Aunt پھوپھو
Father باپ
Son بیٹا
Sister بہن
Step-Son سوتیلا بیٹا
Step-Sister سوتیلی بہن
Adopted Son گود لیا بیٹا
Tenant کرائے دار
Teacher استاد

Family Relations Names

Names Of Family Relations List PDF

This list of family relations names can be downloaded for free. This PDF will help you to learn and revise these names later and enhance your English vocabulary in Urdu.

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