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Vegetables Names In Urdu And English With Pictures And PDF

Vegetable Names In Urdu

Learn 30 vegetable names in Urdu and English. Learn the names of vegetables that are commonly used in Pakistan and India. We use these vegetables to make different meals. As an English learner, it’s really important for you to learn these vegetable names in Urdu as well as English. I mean, you definitely want to know what you’re ordering or eating, right? Vegetable names are also available in PDF format.

Vegetable Names In Urdu List

Vegetable names in Urdu to quickly grow your vocabulary. Vegetable names are also translated into Urdu for better understanding. This vegetable vocabulary is going to be really helpful in your spoken as well as written English.

Carrot گاجر
Brinjal بینگن
Cabbage بند گوبھی
Ginger ادرک
Luffa گھیا توری
Mint پودینہ
Pumpkin کدو
Tomato ٹماٹر
Radish مولی
Beans پھلیاں
Brassica سرسوں
Coriander دھنیا
Cucumber کھیرا
Lemon لیموں
Onion پیاز
Turnip شلجم
Spinach پالک

Vegetables names in Urdu

Beet چکندر
Chili مرچ
Bitter gourd کریلا
Garlic لہسن
Gourd گھیا کدو
Okra بھنڈی
Peas مٹر
Potato آلو

Vegetables names in Urdu

Vegetables Names In Urdu PDF

These vegetable names in Urdu are also available in PDF format. You can download this PDF for free. This PDF also contains pictures along with different vegetable names in Urdu. You can download this PDF for free.

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