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Winter Vocabulary List For Winter Clothes And Articles

Winter Vocabulary List

Welcome to our winter wonderland! As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp, there’s something enchanting about the arrival of winter. Whether you find solace in cozying up by the fireplace or feel exhilarated by the sight of glistening snowflakes, this season offers a unique charm of its own. To fully immerse ourselves in the beauty and essence of winter, let’s explore a delightful assortment of vocabulary that encapsulates the magic and experiences that await us during this chilly time of year. From frosty landscapes to heartwarming traditions, prepare to expand your lexicon and revel in the wonders of winter.

Winter Vocabulary

Beanie/Cap ٹوپی
Muffler مفلر/گرم رومال
Fog دھند
Snow Fall برف باری
Cold Snap سردی کی اچانک لہر
Snow برف
Snowman برفانی پتلا
Freeze منجمند
Skating مصنوعی برف پر چلنا
Socks جرابیں
Shawl چادر
Sweater سویٹر
Scarf سکارف
Gloves دستانے
Mittens دستانے
Quilt رضائی
Woolies گرم کپڑے

Winter Vocabulary

Brazier انگیٹھی
Bask Fire آگ سیکنا
Bask دھوپ سیکنا
Shiver کانپنا
Sneeze چھینکنا
Influenza زکام
Rice Cake مرنڈا
Peanut مونگ پھلی
Walnut اخروٹ
Cashew کاجو
Pine Nut چلغوزا
Persimmon جاپانی پھل
Musambi مسمی
Turnip شلجم
Daikon مولی
Blanket کمبل
Jacket جیکٹ

Winter Vocabulary

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